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What are the rules for commenting on Askewfc?

You can find the complete rules in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, but here’s a quick summary, starting with some definite no-nos:

• No hate speech.
• Don’t use offensive or obscene language.
• No spam or advertising.
• Don’t repost the same comment multiple times.
• Don’t impersonate someone you’re not.
• Don’t comment from multiple accounts.
• Don’t personally attack any person or group of people, including the writers, the moderators, minorities, majorities, and members of political parties with which you disagree.

Our moderators’ decisions are subjective. They are trying to improve the overall quality of the comment threads for all readers. They have to work quickly and efficiently. They have broad discretion to remove comments, and their decisions are final.

• If you believe a moderator has deleted your comment in error, don’t debate their decision in the thread. Email with questions and concerns.

Avoid the following:

• Really long comments.
• Going too far off topic.

Why avoid these kinds of comments? They’re just not what we’re looking for. Askewfc welcomes criticism, debate, and disagreement. But we want the comments section to have value to all readers, and we don’t think readers want to wade through off-topic threads and lengthy monologues.

Accordingly, we will sometimes cut off a discussion that feels unproductive. In doing so, we are exercising editorial judgment.

In some cases, comments won’t appear on the site until a moderator can read and approve them. We often have a backlog of comments awaiting review. When clearing that queue, our moderators give priority to comments that make their point succinctly and clearly.